🔥Injustice Gods Among Us🔥 New Nth metal Glitch🔥 Works im v3.2 2020

Here > Injustice Gods Among Us Hack


Have 2 acc
Logged into ur main
Device 2 get nth metal on survivor
Once u got it got o device 1 spend all nth metal
Then log into a new account device 1
Now go to device 2 and cash out
Back to device 1 and log in
You should have all nth metal and the cards u got from the nth metal booster packs
Now log out of ur acc on device 2
And now play a battle on device 1
Once u done the battle
Got to device 2 and type in the pass(log in)

You are done

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Contents of the
1. Survivor glitch mk2(Farm last laugh tickets, keeping them stacked each run and play survivor without the wait)
2. Game crash online Stun the last opponent before defeat, crashing the game and avoiding a loss(VERY complicated, but still works)
3. Mod the game- Free
4. Survivor glitch- Working now, working forever

Here > Injustice Gods Among Us Hack