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Injustice mobile 1st place rank on iOS 100% legit with no hacks or cheats. For anyone in disbelief and think that I cheated, watch the video first and see me winning battles as fast as 9 seconds. Given that I receive 5k points per battle and 15k points at the 5th fight, that’s 35,000 battle points every 3 mins of every epic ladder I complete (completed the epic ladder in the video at the 3:30 mark). Multiply 35k by roughly 300 epics from 1,500+ offensive wins and that’s 10.5 million points right there. Throw in the 7 match ultimate ladders I completed as well whenever the 3 energy dropped (this was before the infinite recharge of 2.9 started working) in addition to daily bonus missions and that’s how I amassed 14 million points within a 7 day season.

The majority of my attacks were critical due to a stacking combination of critical gears and critical augmentation.



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In this Injustice Gods Among Us video, we take an analysis at my favorite Multiplayer farming team in the game, the Red Son Trio. In my opinion, Wonder Woman is Mandatory for her 45% Power Generation(Nullifies Killer Frost’s passive, which is super good), and Red Son Green Lantern is even more mandatory, since he grants Stun and Crit immunity and also reduces Special Damage by 20%.

Now, there are two flexible options, both of which are useful. Red Son Batman will give your Special 1 Attacks a 50% chance to be unblockable. This is super strong because the opponent loves to block, and the only two things that save you are Dawn of Justice Batman’s Evasion, or The Riddler’s Staff.

Red Son Superman is also a solid choice because for the Red Son characters, he has the highest stats in the game at 1,000/1,200.

Now, the gear is pretty complicated for your main damage dealer. You want healing on Special 1, I HIGHLY recommend League of Assassin’s Adept Knives, and I recommend The Ibistick over the two piece, even though stealing power on tag outs is pretty good.

For Red Son Wonder Woman, I choose the Fourth World Set, because I feel her Special 1 is MUCH more reliable than her Special 2, because you can heavy combo into a nearly unblockable Special 1 every time.

For Red Son Green Lantern, I like to use the 2 piece Lexcorp(Chest/Helm), to not only give two people burn damage, but a way to heal on Special 2. The third gear I use is Ra’s Al Ghul’s Dagger, there are several implications for this. First, by starting with an extra bar of power, you’re going to get to 3 bars faster than either character. This is super important if you are dealing with Fourth World Dawn of Justice Batman, as you pretty much need a Supermove to deal with him. Reverse Flash too, while he has Cellular Regeneration, or just beat him down, but with Fourth World not always that easy.

We do a full 7 Battle matchup in Multiplayer, which we complete in less than 12 minutes, which is 56,000 Battle Rating per clear, or 280,000 Battle Rating an hour on a good day, assuming you don’t have to deal with Fourth World regeneration too much.

Enjoy the video and if you have any questions, or video ideas, please run them my way! If you like the video, feel free to comment, like, subscribe, and help get the word out to your friends.

Here > Injustice Gods Among Us Hack