5 Tips for Injustice Gods Among Us Mobile v2.14 2017

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These are 5 tips for Gods Among Us Mobile.

Use these tips for fast and smart level up, gold and more. Don’t waste time wondering how to do it, we found it for you. For those of you who playing for longer time, leave a comment if we missed something and help our fellow players.


Infinite Energy Bug! Injustice Gods Among Us (2021) 2.14 Android


Infinite GOLD Bug! Injustice Gods Among Us (2021) 2.14 Android


Injustice 2.14 – Wheel of Fortune “No Luck” BUG/Glitch (2021) Android


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17/9/2020: For those of you on Android 10 having to re-download more than 1GB of data, a tip from viewer @Tanmay
Pertaining to the people resetting challenge and phantom zone on newer devices (Android only):-
If clearing the data also deletes the obb files (the 2 files with size 1.57GB) from the Android folder, you can simply duplicate(create another copy of) the files to avoid a large re-download. Simply keep an extra copy of the files in the directory
some place else on your device.
After clearing the data just restore those files manually to the folder using your file manager and then you don’t have to redownload huge data files every time.

Same goes for airplane mode glitch. If restoring old save files makes you redownload the 1.57GB of data, just do the steps as listed above

Yes it eats up extra space on your phone but it saves data charges or if on WiFi it saves time as copying back files manually barely takes 20 secs

11/3/2020 aaaaand, it’s working again. Go figure. Maybe there’s hope for Injustice after all.

4/3/2020 patched 🙁 The game no longer links with your Google Play Account, so there is no cloud save. That means you can’t do this glitch. Will update as needed.

1/3/2021: still working as of update 3.2

14/12/2021: still working as of update 3.1

16/10/2021: still working as of update 3.0.1

3/7/2021: just checked this again, and it’s working. Go figure.
26/4/2021: PATCHED, no longer working 🙁
Alternate method still

10/4/2021: confirmed still working with update 2.20 that dropped
20/2/2021: alternate method for those who can’t get the Google Play Cloud save icon to show
15/2/2021: confirmed working on update 2.19
14/12/2021: confirmed working on update 2.18
6/10/2021: confirmed working on update 2.17
27/7/2021: confirmed working on update 2.16

If your Google Play Cloud Save isn’t updating properly (and reverts back to before you accumulated any of the challenge character),
1) buying something from the store
2) then logging out/in of Google
That is usually enough, but if not,
1) buy something from the store
2) log out/in of Google
3) buy (another) something from the store again
4) log out/in of Google again


Finally, a new glitch for resetting the challenge!

Big thanks again to +Kaiyo Oliveira for sharing the key concepts with us.

Hopefully we’ll have some of the newer challenge characters so that we can grind for multiple copies to fully promote them.

Here > Injustice Gods Among Us Hack