8/22/2020 Pacifica Experience Days.

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Pacifica Experience Days give potential applicants an opportunity for a brief but rich immersion into student life. Pacifica’s President, Dr. Joseph Cambray welcomes attendees, along with our Provost, Dr. Peter Rojcewicz. This is followed by a faculty presentation on a topic of broad interest, which replicates the graduate virtual classroom experience.

8/22 Featured Presentation

Fierce Young Women in Fiction and Reality

Jung’s psychology is fundamentally archetypal, a perspective on individual and communal life that invites us to see deep patterns of meaning that are inclusive, multicultural, historical and spiritual. The “archetypal eye” helps us navigate volatile, chaotic moments in human history—such as now. In this lecture, Dr. Nelson trains her archetypal eye on one emergent the rise of the fierce young woman in politics, culture, literature, and film. She is the central protagonist in her own story, a visionary warrior-renegade confronting systemic misogyny.

Biography of Dr. Elizabeth Eowyn Nelson
Dr. Nelson, faculty at Pacifica since 2003, has been a professional writer, editor, and consultant for four decades. She is the general editor of the Journal of Jungian Scholarly Studies. Her books include Psyche’s Archetypal Explorations of Love and Power (Chiron, 2020) and The Art of A Depth Psychological Perspective (Spring Publications, 2020), coauthored with Joseph Coppin

Imagine building something like a cell phone, a car, or a house and then imagine that thing went on to reproduce itself. Well, that is what Andrew Hessel, the guest on this episode of Bulletproof Radio, and the people at the human Genome Project-Write intend to do. Starting by helping people better understand and use living systems to meet the needs of society.

Andrew Hessel is the CEO of Humane Genomics Inc., a seed-stage company developing virus-based therapies for cancer, starting with dogs. He is also a co-founder of the Genome Project-write, the international scientific effort working to engineer large genomes, including the human genome.

Andrew does things that sound like science fiction and even the way he describes himself, as a synthetic biologist, contains a set of words that did not exist until very recently. In the interview, we get into what exactly that is, what can be done through DNA splicing, and why they use viruses to get the job done.

Here > Injustice Gods Among Us Hack