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Welcome to another ‘The Numbers Game’. On today’s episode, Don takes you through the 10 alternate costumes to wear in the underrated Deadpool game (PS3, PS4, X360, XONE). These costumes include Deadpool in a Ballerina tutu and Deadpool as a sexy french maid… What more can you ask for in a game?

RIP Overpowered Fourth World Gear 3 piece Heal, you will NOT be missed. The set is still not trash compared to the LOA Blades and Hood.

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In this Injustice Gods Among Us video, we finally summarize Patch 2.15. I wanted to wait until Flashpoint Deathstroke was officially released, however, for some retarded reason, he was made a Multiplayer character, NOT a challenge character. So sadly, we continue to get repeats.

Flashpoint Deathstroke has 1,240 Damage, 1,360 Health. And you CAN get him in the top 5%, not 3%.

Pirate Deathstroke has a chance on Special Attacks to be assisted by Flashpoint teammates. The more Flashpoint characters the more attacks he gets on his combo ender.

NEW Astro-Harness(Evolved name) – On any Special attack applies ELECTRIC DOT dealing 10% SP damage for 5 seconds.
On lethal(Knock-out) hit 75% chance to trigger Power Shield that will absorb damage up to 40% of Max Health.
Invulnerability for 5 seconds at Health 100%, 50%, and 10%

This is a great item to use when you combine with 2 piece Lexcorp, especially if you rely on a Special 2 to heal. Could also work well with high Power Generation teams as a second DOT item, or a third if this character is Raven or anyone that can manipulate Power Generation.

It’s also balanced, you don’t get the Power Generation found in Ibistick and LOA Knives, but you get more defensive tools.

Black Adam is STILL bugged. However, now you only take 75% damage from a Supermove, down from 200%
Regime Cyborg is still NOT useless, his Power Generation at all times still works.

I really see Astro-Harness being a really strong gear item in Survivor Mode, could it make Containment Doomsday retarded, since he hits the 50% threshold THREE times? Can healing gear allow you to trigger the upper threshold again? I plan on maxing this gear out as soon as I get it, most likely after the Flashpoint Deathstroke Multiplayer Season is overwith.

It’s exciting to see another Deathstroke, but why do we continue to get stupid challenge repeats?

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