Designing Fuzzy Characters with Hank Designs and VooDoo Val 1 of 1

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Join illustrator and designer Hank Washington and VooDoo Val on Adobe Live! On this special one day stream, watch Hank illustrate a scene featuring his trademark fuzzy characters. Check out how Hank utilizes simple shapes while experimenting with colors and textures to create dynamic, tactile illustrations!

Guest Hank Washington is an Art Director, Illustrator and Designer based in Birmingham,

Host VooDoo Val is a Creative Streamer & Community Moderator for Adobe Live based in
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00:00 Start
7:25 Introduction to Hank Williams’ Work
9:40 Painting Starts
17:30 How Hank Got His Career Started
26:05 Pro How to Hide Layers Quickly
43:00 Starting the Shading Process
50:30 Hank’s Brushes
52:25 How Hank Picks His Color Palettes
1:02:00 Why Hank Prefers to Work in Photoshop
1:30:00 Daily Creative Challenge Reviews
1:50:00 Recap, Hank’s Outro

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