GLITCH for Unlimited Phantom Zone Play How to Reset the Phantom Zone Android

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11/3/2020: aaaaaand, it’s working again. Go figure. Hope for the game yet.

4/3/2020: PATCHED 🙁 The game no longer links with your Google Play Account, so there is no cloud save. That means you can’t do this glitch. Will update as needed.

The main benefits of exploiting this

Phantom Zone comes and goes, and when it’s here, you can only play it 3 times if you’re willing to spend some of your precious Nth metal for the last 2 plays. There is no other place to get Valorium Alloy.

You can use this glitch to play more than those 3 times, and you can use it to play PZ repeatedly without spending more Nth metal.

This glitch shares a lot with the challenge reset. We’re starting by demonstrating that we’re completing the phantom zone now.

The essential steps are the
0) back up your progress
1) Clear app data
2) Restart the game with the internet connection
3) Disconnect from the internet — not too early and not too late
4) Click on the Google play cloud icon in the top right (it tells you when it was created but not when it was updated)
5) Buy something in the store to prioritize your game save over the server save (for when you connect back to the internet)
6) Reconnect to the internet
7) See that the phantom zone is now active again
8) Lock in some phantom zone progress (anything) (you can see in the video how we’re trying to get an easier task — the easiest one being basic damage, which we can usually do with this team in one fight)
9) Then go back online and lock in the current phantom zone progress by fighting.

Common problems and their
a) You’re not on Get an Android device
b) You don’t get the cloud Wait a little longer before disconnecting from the internet
c) Phantom Zone is still Don’t wait so long before reconnecting
d) Phantom Zone is unlocked, but I lost my last Watch the video, we talk about this and how you need to stop at step 4 and revert back to before you tried doing the glitch

A huge THANK YOU to our
Console peasant (“last word” tier)
Shawn Farrell, Daniel Simonson, Aaron Maule ( “Credited Supporter” Tier),
Eddy G, Chris Wolff and László Gyergyádesz (“Gratitude” tier,

Here > Injustice Gods Among Us Hack