Grand Theft Auto V Online Machinima Cesspool EP1 Los Santos’s Worst Super Hero

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When someone messes up your face, there’s only one answer. Revenge. Los Santos has a mentally disturbed, not so Super Superhero and his name is Cesspool, and yes he is looking for Francis. A poor imitation of one of our all time favorite Marvel Comic character’s Deadpool. I hope you enjoy please like, subscribe and comment!!!

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Music provided by 95turbosol

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Ahh man I had so much fun making this one! I used some new stereo field techniques where I placed different parts of the drums in different locations, if you listen on headphones you should be able to hear the bamboo slap sticks hit directly left and right, the Persian battle drums hit just in front of that and the toms are closer to the middle and the strings in between and slightly to the left. I couldn’t resist doing an inception supercut for the video, I can’t monitize it now but it’s worth it lol.

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FL Studio 12 producer edition
East West Symphonic Orchestra Gold
East West Stormdrum 2
8Dio Hybrid Tools Vol.1

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Here > Injustice Gods Among Us Hack