In Conversation with Stacey Abrams Voting in the Age of COVID & the Future of the Democratic Party

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Former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich sits down (virtually) with Stacey Abrams to discuss her potential run for vice president and what she would aim to accomplish in the position, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp’s abysmal response to COVID-19, why the 2020 Census is more important than ever and what Trump is doing to stop it, the crucial role the South will play in the future of the Democratic Party, and how we can use this crisis to bolster voting rights.

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About Stacey
Stacey Abrams is a New York Times bestselling author, serial entrepreneur, nonprofit CEO and political leader. After serving for eleven years in the Georgia House of Representatives, seven as Minority Leader, in 2021, Abrams became the Democratic nominee for Governor of Georgia, when she won more votes than any other Democrat in the state’s history. Abrams was the first black woman to become the gubernatorial nominee for a major party in the United States. After witnessing the gross mismanagement of the 2021 election by the Secretary of State’s office, Abrams launched Fair Fight to ensure every Georgian has a voice in our election system. Over the course of her career, Abrams has founded multiple organizations devoted to voting rights, training and hiring young people of color, and tackling social issues at both the state and national levels. In 2021, she launched Fair Count to ensure accuracy in the 2020 Census and greater participation in civic engagement, and the Southern Economic Advancement Project, a public policy initiative to broaden economic power and build equity in the South.

About Robert Reich & Inequality Media Civil
Inequality Media Civic Action is a digital media organization — featuring former Labor Secretary Robert Reich — aimed at debunking right-wing lies, educating the public about inequality and imbalance of power, and breaking down solutions to the economic and structural issues plaguing our country. We provide a platform for you to learn, share your ideas, and, hopefully, mobilize your communities to make change for the common good.

00:00 Welcome!
8:21 The importance of voting. We know this pandemic is going to be used as justification for terrible decisions and terrible actions that will undermine our democracy for generations to come
20:53 ‘Why would anybody want to be vice president?’
31:08 Uniting against Inequality. We’re fighting over crumbs.
33:29 What we have to recognize as a party …

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