Injustice GAU Update 3.2 Recap Which Glitches Still Work Plus New Content

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From a viewer who asks to remain nameless Breakthrough
“To those who are having trouble with breakthrough time zone glitch, instead of closing and reopening the app, just click online battle then back to main screen. Works like a charm”

From +Dragons952 free energy
“For IOS If the free energy button is grayed out; go to settings – privacy – advertising – turn off limited ad tracking – reset advertising identifier

“In privacy go to location services – system services – enable based alerts, apple ads, and suggestions

“Important You must disable VPN and any Adblocking applications if you have any installed. If the free energy button gets grayed out again, you must reset advertising identifier.

“For those on iOS who still can’t perform the free energy glitch after attempting the instructions I have put out; try performing a device restore and, reinstalling Injustice to see if the free energy button returns or not. ”


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The fundamental basis for our podcast has always been to help drivers at all levels improve and while we still have a fun on every episode, we are always trying to improve and help others improve. One of the best received additions to our podcast has been the Dominating with Dawson topics that Ben Dawson was kind enough to help us with. Here is the first annual episode that compiles all of the segments for this year.

If you could let us know what your favorite topic was, we would love to know. Also, if you have a topic for us to discuss, please let us know and we will make sure it comes out as soon as possible.

On this episode DwD

1) Relative importance of Commitment vs Perfection

2) Seat and Mirror positioning

3) Shuffle Steering

4) Single Inputs progressing to more complicated multiple inputs

5) Slow Turns and Fast Turns

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Here > Injustice Gods Among Us Hack