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In the Fifth Injustice Gods Among Us iOS video, I bring to you two battles, the final fight in Battle 9, and the first fight in Battle 10, I use Harley Quinn, Green Lantern, and Nightwing against Deathstroke, Cyborg, and Sinestro.

Deathstroke starts off by taking out a good chunk of Harley Quinn’s life as Nightwing gets tagged in, power drains, and then tags in Green Lantern who gets off a Turbine Smash and almost kills Deathstroke. Cyborg tags in and uses Sonic Disruptor on Harley Quinn who counters with a Cartwheel. Tags in Green Lantern and uses another Turbine Smash, tags out to Deathstroke who does not get to use his special and gets defeated.

Cyborg back in, and one shots Green Lantern with Target Acquired. Ground Sparks finishes off Cyborg. In comes Sinestro but his Fear Blast got blocked. Tagged in Harley Quinn, Death from Above again blocked. Cartwheels to chip at the health bar a good amount as Nightwing tags in, gets hit by Death from Above by blocking, but manages to barely survive and land a Ground Spark for the win.

For winning Battle 9, I received 2 Energy Cards.

Now for an extra battle, first encounter of Battle 10, I show off what happens when you use an Energy card, it completly fills the energy for one person. You can also buy energy for real money.

In Battle 10, your power generation is slightly reduced, but doesn’t seem like a significant amount. Using the same lineup, wearing down Green Arrow as Solomon Grundy tags in, and gets worn down by Harley Quinn’s cartwheel as Grave Rot is blocked.

Green Arrow tags back in and lands two Electric Arrows, tag to Nightwing as Ground Sparks lands twice prompting Catwoman to come in, and obliterate Nightwing. In comes Harley Quinn with a cartwheel, tag out to Green Lanternas I mess up the Grand Slam and Green Lantern gets Electric Arrowed but eventually kills Green Arrow as Solomon Grundy comes in, takes a Grand Slam but Born on a Monday goes off, Catwoman comes in and finishes off Green Lantern, and gets Cat Clawed, wears down Catwoman tags out to Solomon Grundy, cartwheels him down, as Catwoman barely falls to Harley Quinn.

I deserved to lose the fight, but somehow, I did not. So a nice clutch victory in the first encounter of Battle 10.

For completing the Bonus Battle, I received The Flash, who I have to level up. Currently, I am saving money to buy Bane(Silver)

Enjoy the video and if you have any questions, or video ideas, please run them my way! If you like the video, feel free to comment, like, subscribe, and help get the word out to your friends.

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