Injustice Gods Among Us | Earth 2 Skin Pack Reveal + DLC News

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The latest DLC skin pack for Gods Among Us has been officially released and revealed to the public; the “Earth 2 Skin Pack” for Solomon Grundy, Hawkgirl, and fan favorite, Flash! Overall, the new costume look amazing! I can’t wait to use it against General Zod that is released at the same time! This isn’t for free Season Pass Users, BEWARE! Drop a like, leave a comment, and subscribe for daily Injustice news and updates! Thanks and enjoy!

Ed Boons

Looking for new characters, heavy gear cards and tons of Power Credits? You’re in the right place – all of these packages are stuffed full of extra bonuses and they’re waiting for you pick up and play. Unlock the characters from the latest Booster Packs and get ready to swipe and kick ass. . .

Evry package contains 25x cards. The characters will be LVL 50 Full Maxed out. After purchase we will add it to your WB account.
Additional to each package you
-50.000.000 Power Credits
-500 Alliance Credits
-9.000 Energy

Works for IOS and Android!

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Here > Injustice Gods Among Us Hack