Injustice Gods Among Us Energy and How to Get It

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Hello, and thanks for tuning into GamerU, your home for the best tips and tricks for the hottest games. Today, we will be taking a look at Gods Among Us for the iPad. • In many mobile games these days, you have to deal with some kind of energy. It keeps you from playing on and on without stop. In some games, it is a given number of lives that refill with time. Injustice has a similar system, but the game’s system is based off “Energy”. • In this game, each character you can use to battle has “Energy”. You can see how much they have by looking at the bottom of their card. Each energy will be a purple square for the energy they have and a dark square for the energy they don’t. • “Energy” gets used whenever your characters participate in a battle. Most battles take between one and three “Energy” to take part in. As your “Energy” depletes, the characters without it won’t be able to battle. • That doesn’t mean you have to stop battling though. As long as you have characters that you are willing to fight with, you can swap out characters without energy for characters with it. • If you’re anything like me though, you’ll probably play until all your characters are worn out and still want to play more. If you can’t possibly wait, you main option will be “Recharges”. They refill your “Energy” completely. This means you are ready battle again right away. • Even though “Recharges” can be used to help keep your gaming going, I don’t recommend using them all up at once. Although, you can get “Recharges” back from the “Daily Rewards” and from battles, remember that you use three of them to restore a team back to fighting condition. • The ways that you replenish the “Recharges” will only give you one or two when they give them. This means you need to get “Recharges” from multiple sources before you have enough to restore your team. • “Energy” is a crucial part of the game because without it you can’t even play. Thus it’s important to know how you get and use up you energy so that you know the best ways to handle it. And that’s all for today. Thanks for watching, and make sure to keep coming back to GamerU for the best tips and tricks for your favorite games.

Due to popular demand from the Injustice Mobile subreddit, here is a video where I share my approach to MP/Online Battle mode. It is intended for veteran players who’re looking to improve their MP grinding speed and efficiency. Top tier gears and high level/promotion Gold cards are required.

This build has allowed me to consistently win MP seasons, without exploiting any form of glitches or hacks. It is 100% legit that can be used by any player willing to put in the time and effort. Feel free to ask in the comments section if you have any questions regarding the build.

0:00 Intro
0:19 Understanding that Online Battle points cap
0:31 Why maxed out teams are less ideal
3:08 How fast is The Skopos Build?
5:34 How the build was created
6:56 Overview of The Skopos Build
7:13 Forming the team
9:54 Gearing the team
12:15 Strategy of The Skopos Build
19:26 Take home points
20:10 My journey to #1

P.S. Apparently some have tried the build and posted their


The Injustice Mobile

Devlyn16’s data on projected range of team average damage stats and the corresponding Battle Rating

Here > Injustice Gods Among Us Hack