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Combates online de MK mobile, Injustice gods among us, Marvel Future Fight e Injustice 2 para dispositivos moviles…
Online combat of MK mobile, Injustice gods among us, Marvel Future Fight and Injustice 2 for mobile devices …
#InjusticeMortal #Injustice1y2

Device : Oneplus 5t
Recorder : Oneplus Recorder
Editing app : Kinemaster pro
Intro song : The Weeknd (Faith)
Background song : chill hip hop music
Rank : Legendary
Server : Asia

✋Sensitivity :

fix speed
standard sensi : 80
ads sensi : 140
tactical s sensi : 120
sniper s sensi : 60

🔥Firing sensitivity :

standard sensi : 80
ads sensi : 140
tactical s sensi : 120
sniper s sensi : 60

🎯Gyroscope Sensitivity :

standard sensi : 50
ads sensi : 50
tactical s sensi : 15
sniper s sensi : 15


Best pro basic Hud layout for claw phone players this is only for my opinion
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[NEW 2v2 Showdown Mode]
Bring a partner and prepare to fight it out on the battleground with the enemy duo. Experience this intense duo tag team mode that has no health regeneration and randomized weapons. Eliminate both of your enemies first or enter overtime and capture the point to win! First to 6 points wins the game.

[NEW Season 4 Ranked Mode]
Become the very best in our latest ranked season. All new Industrial Revolution themed weapons & equipment coming to Season 4 Ranked Mode, including epic weapon Man-o-War, and epic soldier Ruin!

[NEW MP Map “Meltdown”]
Originally from Call of Black Ops 2 – Battle in the industrial section of a nuclear power plant! This is by far the biggest CODM map that has to be experienced by all! Meltdown is available in the following 7 S&D, DOM, TDM, Snipers Only, Gun Team Fight, Gun Game, and FFA

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Here > Injustice Gods Among Us Hack