Injustice Gods Among Us Hack 2020.

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Hello Everyone!

Today I’am Going To Show You A Hacked Game By Me!

Injustice Gods Among Us Mobile Version 3.2!

It Supports Only (IOS) Devices!

Before I Start A Real Description Of It, The File Belongs To No One Because It Is A Local
File When You Download It, It Will Be Yours!

This Is For The Jailbroken Devices!

1. First You Need A Jailbroken Device.
2. Second You Need A Filza File Manager.
3. Third You Need An Injustice Gods Among Us V3.2 (Newest Version).
4. Fourth You Need A Local File.
5. Done.

Let Us
1. Open Cydia Or Sileo Or Zebra.
2. Go To Sources=Edit=Add= .
3. Open This Link On IOS Devices And Download The Game= .
4. Open This Link On IOS Safari Browser And Download The Local File= .
5. Done.

Save Your Original File And Do What It Says.

Let Us Do It
1. After The Local File Downloaded From Safari ‘Open In…’ Filza File Manager.
2. Unzip The File And You Will See The Folder Named INJUSTICE GAU.
3. Open The Folder And You Will See A Folder Named MAXED OUT.
4. Open The Folder There Is Three Folders Copy All Of Them And Paste To Injustice Game.
5. Done.

My Special Offer With More
1. If You Sought Any Errors In The File Or Suggestion Please Comment Below.
2. If You Have Any Idea Please Tell Me About It.
3. If You Want The Local File You Can Keep It But It Is Temporary File, Cause If You Format Your Device Or Anything Happens You Will Have To Manually Start From The Beginning Of The Hacked File.
4. Also You Can Make The File From Local To Online, You Can Register To Your New Account Without Losing Data.
5. I Can/Can’t Support You To Play The Online Mode You Have To Spend SomeTime On The Game To Play The Online, Because If You Play The Online You Will Be Banned.
6. At Least Complete All Story Mode And About Two Months Play Offline But Sometimes After Long PlayTime Visit The Online But Never Find Any Matches.
7. Visitting Online Will Save Your Game In Online, Never Forget That This File Can Be Saved In Local Or Online.
8. Better I Say If You Know That There Is No Error In The File, You Don’t Have To Do Anything To Change It.
9. You Can Email Me If The Local File Doesn’t Work For You, I Will Make The Local To Online For You By Myself.
10. Feel Free To Email Me Anything You Want Will Be At Your Hands But Know That It Costs Free Not Payment Or Anything Else I Will Help You By Meself.

All Of Above Is The Begginning For The Description.

1. The File Includes All Characters And All Gears.
2. All Characters Level 60 Except Purple Characters They Are Level 50.
3. You Can Promote All Characters To Elite X Without Breakthrough Except Purple Characters They Are Elite VII.
4. All Characters Augmentation Are Maxed Out.
5. You Have To Manually Upgrade First Move And Second Move And Supermove For All Characters.
6. You Have To Manually Buy Support Cards For All Characters.
7. You Have To Manually Spend Your Time To Complete The Story.
8. You Have To Manually Upgrade All Gear Cards.

About All Gear Open This Link On IOS Safari Browser Or PC= .

About All Characters Sorted By Database Of The Game, Open This Link On IOS Safari Browser Or PC= .

Playing Online Immediately After Making The Local File Into Online File You Will Be Banned.
1. If You Visit The Online Mode Sometimes You Will Not Be Banned It Will Save Your Data.
2. If You Play The Online Mode And Making Matches You Will Be Banned.
3. Don’t Search For Players Or Find Matches, Because You Are Going To Leaderboards From There The WB Knows That You Are New And Hacked You Will Be Banned.
4. All You Need To Do Is Spending The Game In Offline Mode About To Months Play And Complete The Story Mode And Max Out All Characters.
5. To Save The Local File To Online Just Visit The Online And Exit.
6. If You Followed All Of Above You Will Not Be Banned, You Will Be A Real Player.

My [email protected]

You Are Free To Like, Comment, Share, Dowload The Video.

I will Be Free From 12PM To 12AM Feel Free To Email Me In That Time.

All Emails Will Be Answered In 24 Hours If Took More Than That Period Email Me Again Or Comment Below The Video.

1. If You Want To Email Me, Send Your Name Or Username I Will Use It To Make The Local To Online File For You.
2. If You Want To Email Me, Send Your Fake Account To Make It To WBID Account And It Will Be Real For You.

You Sent To Me, Name=’Ahmad’ Or Username=’Ahmad1997′ Or Email=’[email protected]’, From These Three Choices You Can Choose One Of Them And I Will Make The Local To Online For You.

This Is Method 1.

Good Luck.

Here > Injustice Gods Among Us Hack