Injustice Gods Among Us Hack Cheats iOS Hack INFINITE COINS

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Injustice Gods Among Us Hack
Gods Among Us Cheats

1. Click on the link above.

2. Scroll down and click on the button that says “DOWNLOAD”.
3. Click “Download File”.
4. Open up the executable program and put it to good work! 🙂

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***PATCHED*** as of update 3.1 14/12/2020

If you happened to see a previous upload of this video, we took that one down to correct a spot where we neglected to obscure our login details. Everything else is the same. Huge thank you to viewer +Felipe Maia for pointing that out to us.


Here’s our excuse for missing yesterday’s Q&C&A&T a new glitch for unlimited MP season rewards.

A huge thank you to ZIGGY FOOLZ who shared this with us.

And a big thank you to our
Edwin Felix, Eddy G, Console peasant (“last word” tier)
iProphet (“Your message here” tier),
Daniel Simonson, Shawn Farrell ( “Credited Supporter” Tier),
Chris Wolff and LászlĂł Gyergyádesz (“Gratitude” tier,

As promised, the steps for this
1) Start off in the main account you want rewards for (and where you’ve ranked in previous MP seasons).
2) Login to your secondary account.
3) Logout immediately.
4) Go into online battles using your main account credentials. You need to hit the “online battles” button after the white “logging in” screen, but before the Superman choosing screen.
5) On the Superman choosing screen, pick the main account on the left, do NOT keep the current (secondary) account.
6) When the “replace” screen comes up, don’t confirm until you see your accounts nickname at the top. If it doesn’t come, cancel and try again.
7) If the nickname shows up, accept the new (main) account and collect your rewards. If you’re fast enough on the superman screen at step 5 picking, you will get multiple seasons. If you’re not, you will get one season.

We discuss the pitfalls as we see them, as well as the cues on the screen when you know you’re doing it right.

Also, in the hours since we filmed this video and the new season started, we were able to get 3 previous seasons rewards to stack (2% each season, 130,000 for each season, 2 copies of the characters) for every successful completion of this glitch. So we can confirm that it’s possible to get 3 seasons at once, and likely 7 as mentioned by ZIGGY FOOLZ.

Here > Injustice Gods Among Us Hack