Injustice Gods Among Us iOS/Android GEAR LOCKER PACK OPENING

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For a new player, unless you are trying to remain free to play, I don’t think this pack is a bad buy. For a veteran, just take time and farm the credits. I open up 3 Challenge Booster Packs, and 2 Gear Lockers so you can see what I get out of them.
Please support Injustice 1 so they can continue to release content for the game. I will continue to support it as long as they do.
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In this Injustice Gods Among Us video, we open up 3 Challenge Booster Packs, and 2 Gear Lockers, totaling 580,000 Credits. Granted, with the Black Friday Deal 3, you gain 200,000 Credits, rather than spending 580,000 Credits, so this deal is worth 780,000 Credits, around 4 hours of farming for a veteran player. A new player will be lucky to farm that in a couple weeks, so it could speed things up drastically.

The next video I upload will be talking about the “Worst Heroes Bundle” and the Dawn of Justice Bundle. Both take the cards up to Level 30 Elite I, or gives you 2 promotions if you have the cards.

Here > Injustice Gods Among Us Hack