Injustice Gods Among Us iOS New Players should Focus on These Cards

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In this Injustice Gods Among Us video, we talk about several cards you should be focusing on as a new player.

Animated Harley 20% Power Generation, 20% Damage, 40% if The Joker
Arkham Origins Start with 2 Bars of Power, this is a very strong mechanic because you can get to a Supermove faster, or eliminate a bigger threat on the spot.
25% Damage, very good if you are struggling on defeating opponents with your main guys.
Batman Beyond – Easy card to get with the Console Version of Injustice, 3 Transitions in Metropolis, and you can do it local.
Doomsday – Gains 50% Health for every opponent he knocks out.
Insurgency Harley Quinn – 10% Damage, Team Health Gain/Damage Boost
Insurgency The Joker – 35% Damage to the opponent
Insurgency Lex Luthor – 25% Maximum Health
Krypto Lex Luthor – 30% Maximum Health
Lex Luthor Bronze – 15% Damage
Regime Cyborg – *BUG* 50% Power Generation at all times.
Regime Green Lantern – 25% Power Generation
Regime Superman – Unblockable Special 2, 50% more Damage when under 40% Health, can be useful with Supermoves.
Regime The Flash – 15% Speed in some cases can be useful
The Joker – 25% Death Damage
The Killing Joke The Joker – Gives your team full power when he’s knocked out. You don’t need promotions to get the effect, so buying one is really good.
Wonder Woman Silver – For each Block, you gain 50% Special Damage

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Here > Injustice Gods Among Us Hack