Injustice Gods Among Us iOS Rebirth Raven Challenge Full Standard Difficulty

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In this Injustice Gods Among Us video, we do the full 5 Battles of the Rebirth Raven Challenge on Standard Difficulty, and lasts until Thursday January 5th, 2021 at 12 Noon, a Fourteen Day challenge.

Battle 1: Cards start at Level 1 Bronze, going up to Level 12, only Bronze characters are allowed on your team.

Rebirth Raven Challenge Battle 1 Standard 230, 1250, 270, 290, 310, 330, 350, *3 370, 390, 410, 430, 2950

Battle 2: Cards start at Level 11 Bronze, going to Level 22, only the Middle card in Fights 9 and 10, and on the right in Fights 11 and 12 are Silver, Black Adam must be on your team. The Silver card has 1 Promotion in Fights 9 and 10, and 2 Promotions in Fight 11.

Rebirth Raven Challenge Battle 2 Standard 240, 260, 280, 300, 320, 4340, 360, 380, 400, 420, 440, 460

Bronze Booster Sinestro, Thundering Dropkick(Knightfall Bane’s Special 2), Turbine Smash(Green Lantern’s Special 1)

Battle 3: All cards are Silver, start at Level 1, and go to Level 12, only Bronze and Silver cards are allowed on your team. In Fights 9-12, the middle card has a promotion.

Rebirth Raven Challenge Battle 3 Standard 250, 270, 290, 310, 330, 6350, 370, 390, 410, 430, 450, 470

Battle 4: All cards are Silver, Start at Level 11, go to Level 13 in the second fight, afterwards going to Level 22 by the 11th fight, and staying that way in the 12th fight. Harley Quinn must be on your team. In Fight 9, the right card has a promotion. In Fight 10, all cards have a promotion. In Fight 11 only the right card, in Fight 12 the middle card regains a promotion.

Rebirth Raven Challenge Battle 4 Standard 260, 280, 300, 320, 340, 8360, 360, 380, 400, 420, 440, 460, 480

Battle 4 Silver Booster Regime Bane, Sword Spin(Insurgency Deathstroke’s Special 1), Anti-Life Equation(Energy Boost All Characters)

Battle 5: Lex Luthor must be on your team. Only the left card starts Gold and at Level 21, going up 1 Level all the way to 28, in Fight 6, the middle card is Gold, in Fight 9, the cards go down to Level 20, but gain a promotion to Elite I, then going back up one level per fight to Level 25 in the 14th fight in Fight 14 all cards are Gold, and Rebirth Raven is Level 30 Elite I with 14K Damage, 25K Health.

Rebirth Raven Challenge Battle 5 Standard 270, 290, 310, 330, 350, 370, 390, 12410, 430, 450, 470, 490, 510, 530, 1100

Rebirth Raven has 1,300 Damage, 1,350 Health, and costs 445,000 Credits to promote

Demonic Pact – On Tab-In Raven siphons her opponent’s power if it is more than hers. “If two Rebirth characters are “IN” her team” she receives 3x more energy per critical hit.

Special 2: Empty Void – Trigon’s power flows through Raven’s demonic energy strikes.

Final Rebirth Raven is a fun, DANGEROUS card. Having an additional tool to manipulate power generation is a very strong mechanic. If you can quickly tag out before Arkham Knight Batman uses the Waynetech to receive 2 bars, you get all of the power, and Batman has none. Same with Arkham Origins Batman, Ares(With Batgirl), or Antimatter Sinestro, very good counters. Use the cards that are better with Special 1’s(Fourth World also works) to counter Raven from draining too much power.

For gear, I recommend 2 Piece Lexcorp and either her personal gear item for more Lifesteal on Special 2, or The Ibistick for Burn Damage and more damage on Special 2(Which is also more Lifesteal)

Fourth World on Wally West seems the best overall for control, although you can use basic damage.

And it’s a no brainer for Jessica Cruz, Ra’s Al Ghul’s Scimitar and Gauntlets of Azrael(Optional) are really strong. Cloak of Destiny is also viable if your augments are maxed.

Enjoy the video and if you have any questions, or video ideas, please run them my way! If you like the video, feel free to comment, like, subscribe, and help get the word out to your friends.

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