Injustice Gods Among Us iOS Silver Booster Pack #44

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In this Injustice Gods Among Us video, we open the Silver Booster Pack #44 from the Red Son Batman Expert Difficulty

And inside we
Catwoman(Fifth Promotion, Fourth was in #43)
Kryptonian Smash
Shazam(Black Adam’s Attack Bonus)

Promoting Catwoman from Level 40 Elite III to Elite IV, Damage goes from 5,737 to 6,780, Health goes from 7,841 to 9,266. Cat Claws goes from 745-1,491 to 881-1,762, Cat Scratch goes from 3,786-5,805 to 4,474-6,861, and Nine Lives goes from 8,605 to 10,169 Damage.

Now promoting Catwoman to Level 40 Elite V, Damage goes from 6,780 to 7,823, Health goes from 9,266 to 10,692. Cat Claws now does 1,016 to 2,033, Cat Scratch does 5,163 to 7,196, and Nine Lives does 11,734 Damage.

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Here > Injustice Gods Among Us Hack