Injustice Gods Among Us iOS Static Challenge Full Standard Difficulty

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In this Injustice Gods Among Us video, we do all 5 Battles of the Static Standard Difficulty, which is 63 Fights total. This fight was recorded on Saturday April 4th when double XP was active.

Battle 1: Cards start at Level 1 Bronze, going up to Level 12, only Bronze characters are allowed on your team.

Static Challenge Battle 1 Standard 230, 1250, 270, 290, 310, 330, 350, *3 370, 390, 410, 430, 2950

Battle 2: Cards start at Level 11 Bronze, going to Level 22, only the Middle card in fights 9-12 is Silver, there are no promotions anywhere, and The Flash must be on your team.

Static Challenge Battle 2 Standard 240, 260, 280, 300, 320, 4340, 360, 380, 400, 420, 440, 460

Bronze Booster Regime Catwoman, Virtuous Strikes(Wonder Woman’s Level 2 Special), By The Gods(Red Son Wonder Woman’s Level 2 Special)

Battle 3: All cards are Silver, start at Level 1, and go to Level 12, only Bronze and Silver characters are allowed on your team.

Static Challenge Battle 3 Standard 250, 270, 290, 310, 330, 6350, 370, 390, 410, 430, 450, 470

Battle 4: All cards are Silver, Start at Level 11, go to Level 13 in the second fight, afterwards going to Level 22 by the 11th fight, and staying that way in the 12th fight with a promotion on the left card. Green Arrow must be on your team.

Static Challenge Battle 4 Standard 260, 280, 300, 320, 340, 8360, 360, 380, 400, 420, 440(+Regime Cyborg), 460, 480

Battle 4 Silver Booster Deathstroke, Scary Boyfriend(Catwoman’s Health Boost), Yellow Power Battery(Sinestro’s Energy Boost)

Battle 5: All cards are Gold, start at Level 21, going up 1 Level all the way to 28, in Fight 9, the cards go down to Level 20, but gain a promotion to Elite I, then going back up one level per fight to Level 25 in the 14th fight, and Static is Level 29 Elite I, with 13K Damage, and 46K Health. Green Lantern must be on your team.

Static Challenge Battle 5 Standard 270, 290, 310, 330, 350, 370, 390, 12410, 430, 450, 470, 490, 510, 530, 1100

Static has 1,050 Damage, 1,050 Health, and costs 241,000 Credits to Promote.

Aftershock – Immune to POWER DRAIN. BUT, like Lobo, Regime Aquaman’s supermove DOES work to drain power from the entire team.
Successfully BLOCKING Special Attacks generates POWER for Static.

Blocking specials equates to half the amount spent, so a 2 Bar Special will give Static 1 bar of power. If you get Static’s Gear item evolved, it has a chance to reflect both Level 1 and 2 Specials, making him a very good blocking character, since his gear also has reduction to blocked damage taken.

Level 1 Taser Trap – Static generates numerous electromagnetic beams to lock down his opponent. The move has a chance to stun when it connects, and it can hit multiple opponents if the early beams knock out the opponent.

Level 2 High Gear – Static demonstrates the versatility of his saucer hardware. First two hits happen, then it’s a Rapid Swipe for the last hits, if the two hits knock out an opponent, the additional hits can connect on a second opponent, but it cannot knock out a third opponent.

Shock to the System – Static sets up his opponent for a big bang. UNBLOCKABLE.

We do the final fight in Bonus Battle 6, which thanks to double XP, puts him to Level 10 in one fight, and would probably go to Level 11/12 if I did the second through fourth fight instead. We then do two fights in Battle 32 to test out Static, and while he doesn’t fare that great, it’s enough of an example of what his abilities do.

I think overall he’s a pretty good card, his stats are slightly weaker than Darkseld, who has more Health, but the same damage. The immunity to power drain and generating power while blocking can be amazing in some situations, however he’s not a very fast attacker, and could suffer from the same problems as Mortal Kombat X Scorpion, and characters like AO Batman, Raven, and Red Son Superman may be more solid choices for multiplayer.

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