Injustice Gods Among Us iOS Update 3.0 5 Things we want for 5 Years of Injustice

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5 Years of Injustice Mobile is right around the corner!
I really want to see Injustice 1 continue to get updated, so within this video, I will be talking about many things to continue the life of the game, and give it some new life, as we’ve seen with the Suicide Squad update, and even the Killer Croc update that also added in an 8th page of battles.
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1) NO PLATINUM CARDS, NO DIAMOND cards, Injustice does not need these cards. And we especially do not need four gear slots.

2) I want to see EVERY Injustice 2 character in Injustice 1.

3) Bosses are immune to health swapping from Raven, I’d also like to see a few additions to the boss tag. No Power Drains, no DOTS, and bosses can defend supermoves. If we want to go another level, immune to critical damage. I feel that while page 8 of battles was a step forward, DOT damage made the encounters too easy, especially Battle 56.

4) A Fourth Difficulty in Challenges, we’ve had three difficulties since before Update 2.0, and they felt like a nightmare when they first came out. But this was 2020, fast forward to 2020 and these are a joke. I don’t care if we don’t receive anything for doing this, I want challenge.

5) A more fun Survivor Mode. Currently, the waves just scale up too fast. I personally wouldn’t be against a Diablo 3 style of progression, where the opponents go up in stats around 5% per stage might make it more fun. So Wave 1 would have 100,000, Wave 2 105,000, Wave 5 121,550 Health, Wave 10 155,132 Health, Wave 20 would have 252,695 Health, Wave 30 would have 411,613 Health, Wave 40 would have 670,475 Health, Wave 50 would have 1,092,133 Health. Not much difference for the first 10 waves, Wave 20 would have a little challenge, and by Wave 40, the opponents have a lot more Health. I would like to see the damage manageable where the opponent can’t one shot you, so maybe a 2% increase in damage. If an opponent has 50,000 Damage, at Wave 10, they would have 55,231, at Wave 20 61,009, Wave 30 67,392, Wave 40 74,443, Wave 50 82,231, and by Wave 100, 135,240 Damage

I think the rewards in Survivor are fine. However, a leaderboard for placing so high in Survivor might be interesting, both time cleared, and what wave you hit. Especially if Wave 100 in the new format is difficult. And this is something that could be beta tested/streamed and would generate a lot of interest in Injustice 1.

I personally would KILL to see a proper 3.0 update for Injustice 1, and these are five suggestions they could put into play. For the new player experience, as a bonus, I would also love to see more new characters in the shop for credits, I don’t care if they cost 400,000 Credits, or not on the same power level as Earth 2 Hawkgirl, Klassic Scorpion, or Gaslight Batman, mid range characters that CAN be useful, but cannot carry a team by themselves, much like Flashpoint Batman, Injustice 2 Superman, and Killer Frost can already do.

I want to see more gear like Claw of Horus, Cloak of Destiny, Overpowered 5-U-93-R, Gauntlets of Azrael, Enchantress Companion Card Evolved, Heart of Darkness, Massive Sharpened Teeth, Custom Pistols, and finally, a page from WWE Immortals, gear that will give you more credits per match. Or even gear that will refund Energy Cost.

These are all things that can be put into a new update, even if it takes a few months. Who remembers around Christmas time, when Injustice 1 was regularly beating Injustice 2 in revenue, without ANY pay to win mechanics? Who still plays Injustice 1 without an internet connection? Game updates, you can still play it!

Let’s petition these ideas to Netherrealm, on Reddit, and let’s push Netherrealm to make a proper update 3.0, and not the last two updates introducing one gear item, and one character. #Injustice1willneverdie

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