Injustice Mobile 9 May 2019 Weekly Recap of Events and Android Glitches

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From viewer +Daniel
“Daniel Knoth 23 hours ago (edited)
For everyone with phantom zone crash and blank screen, i might have a solution, it worked for me.
So i had 2 crystal and fcked up my account while pack refunding, so what it did is what you guys call ”account bleeding” i guess, my crystal stayed at 2, but my second account also got the 2 crystals.
But my main couldnt enter phantom zone and would crash after 99% of my games.
So what i did was i set back time to june 2018 (i set it to before phantom zone was released), reinstalled the game, with normal date, Then while downloading set time back to june 2018 once again.
So what this does is your game starting with 0 progress and 0 phantom zone. Then just logging and your phantom zone should be reset.
I guess this can be a new glitch+ bug fix. i have only tested this once since i dont want this to happen again.
So if this work for you pls tell me in the comments.”

From a viewer who asks to remain nameless Breakthrough
“To those who are having trouble with breakthrough time zone glitch, instead of closing and reopening the app, just click online battle then back to main screen. Works like a charm”

From +Dragons952 free energy
“For IOS If the free energy button is grayed out; go to settings – privacy – advertising – turn off limited ad tracking – reset advertising identifier

“In privacy go to location services – system services – enable based alerts, apple ads, and suggestions

“Important You must disable VPN and any Adblocking applications if you have any installed. If the free energy button gets grayed out again, you must reset advertising identifier.

“For those on iOS who still can’t perform the free energy glitch after attempting the instructions I have put out; try performing a device restore and, reinstalling Injustice to see if the free energy button returns or not. ”

Dawn of Justice Wonder Woman (
MP Time Capsule (Quake Engine)


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Here > Injustice Gods Among Us Hack