Injustice Online Match #12 Green Lantern vs Deathstroke

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I played against a solid Deathstroke and the match was great. The Deathstroke knew what he was doing and it was a delight to play him. The match consisted of mind games trying to bait out Sword Flips and punish them accordingly so that Deathstroke would second guess his wakeup options, allowing me to try to set up my pressure. Mind games, footsies, and character knowledge were on full display in a grand match that went down to the wire. Both of us utilized our tools as best as we could, trying to put the pieces together in the heat of the moment. Batman squeaked ahead over Deathstroke in a battle for the ages. This is not that match. Enjoy.

About this match, all I’m going to say is that he couldn’t have gotten as much damage as he did if the connection was more solid. Some tactics are more effective on lag such as spamming random gun attacks lol. Green Lantern doesn’t really feel suited to fighting this all that well, but I still could have pulled out a stronger win on a stronger connection. Oh well.

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Here > Injustice Gods Among Us Hack