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The second edition of Disruption Network Lab’s new programme stream – DISRUPTIVE FRIDAYS (live every Friday at 5pm Berlin time) features a conversation between Michael Ang (artist and engineer), Andreas Kopp (creative technologist, maker, post-it artist and teacher) and Lieke Ploeger (Disruption Network Lab).

We will speak about critical making in times of how can we use digital fabrication techniques such as 3D printing and laser cutting in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic? Michael Ang & Andreas Kopp participated in the recent #wirvsvirus hackathon organised by the German government to find digital community actions against the corona virus and its effects. Together with Nicholas de Coster they developed a design for an open source/DIY protective face shield, which is currently being printed and distributed to help medical professionals stay safe from infection (

Michael Ang (Artist and engineer, CA/DE).
Michael Ang is an artist and engineer who creates light objects, interactive installations, and technological tools that expand the possibilities of human expression and connection. Applying a hacker’s aesthetic, he often repurposes existing technology to create human-centered experiences in public space and the open field. Countering the trend for technology to dissociate us from ourselves and surroundings, Michael’s works connect us to each other and the experience of the present moment. He is the co-inventor of the Infl3ctor, the projection system for Digital Calligraffiti. He holds a Master’s Degree from the Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) at New York University, USA and a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Waterloo, Canada.

Andreas Kopp (Creative technologist, maker, post-it artist and teacher, DE)
Andreas Kopp loves to make things and learn new techniques of making, designing and coding. He is the founder of Erfindergarten, an open workshop for digital production, Fab Lab, youth club and DIY community and workshop space in Munich, where he gives kids the best start into making and inventing things by learning them 21st century skill and inspire them to start learning and inventing themselves. He is also the artist/artisan behind postitartcreators. Kopp has been commissioned to create portraits and installations for exhibitions, events, shop-windows, shopping centers and commercials all over the world. He often works with Post-it® Notes but has also done works with cups or origami paper and loves to make his works interactive.

Lieke Ploeger (Community director, Disruption Network Lab, NL/DE)
Lieke Ploeger is the community director and administration officer of the Disruption Network Lab. She is the co-founder of the independent project space SPEKTRUM art science community, where she worked as community builder from 2021 to 2021. Her core interest lies in building and developing both online and offline communities of interest, with a focus on sharing knowledge and expertise in an open way. She previously worked for the Open Knowledge Foundation and for the National Library of the Netherlands. She has a double master of arts from the University of Utrecht, the Netherlands and has been involved in various European research projects in the areas of open cultural data, open access and open science.

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In this Mortal Kombat X, we did a livestream on Twitch on Tuesday April 7th when the game was released, and we finally upload the video on Friday April 10th.

While Allies/Online is pretty messed up right now, on the first day, Allies worked perfectly.

We do some gameplay completing Battles 2 through 7 on this stream.

Keep in mind this is the absolute first playthrough of the game, so I might make some mistakes I normally would not.

The way Leveling up works, until Level 10, you will gain full Damage, Health, Toughness, and Recovery, after Level 10, you only gain 50% of the Damage, Toughness, and Recovery, like Injustice and WWE Immortals, you still receive 100% of the Health.

Damage and Health are self-explanatory.

Toughness reduces the amount of damage you take, IF your Toughness is greater than the opponent’s attack. I do not have exact values on this, but just assume guys like Jax are going to take far more damage than Johnny Cage.

Recovery affects how much Health you recover when tagged out. Again, I don’t have exact values, and it will be much easier to test these once I greatly outpower the opponents with a Gold card.

Bronze cards have 90% Power Generation, Gold and Silver have 100%, except Kitana(Kombat Pack Exclusive), who starts at 120%. Gear can further escalate this. You will generate power faster for hitting the opponent, than if you take damage, however cards like Monk or Sergeant that use their Level 1 Specials will give the defender quite a bit of power, so use those moves with caution.

Ally Attacks can be used once per match, pay attention to what you choose, as it’s a special ability from another character. I am not sure if you get more Alliance Koins at higher levels, but in every Battle in this recording, it’s 100 per fight. You also see some of the items I acquire.

As for farming Credits, you will hit a roadblock on Tower 10, when you have to fight a Boss Kotal Khan. Kards with Power Drain might be able to survive if you don’t take many hits, so guys like Johnny Cage that can power drain might be super useful on that boss. Try to get a full team of Silvers at least Level 20 before you try this.

Tower 6 with Sonya Blade as a Gold Card(The first fight that costs 2 Energy per fight) is also a decent farm until you can level your cards up if you are struggling, she can handle any fight by herself, and you also get to see the game’s first Fatality in action.

Bronze cards cannot go to 3 Bars.
Silver Cards can go to 3 Bars, but do not have an X-Ray Attack
Gold cards exclusively have X-Ray Attacks.

When you buy the Alliance Pack, you receive random support cards, it can range to an upgrade to an ability, or even a level! Or a piece of gear.

There are Test Your Luck Daily Bonuses, that allow you to pick between one of 8 rewards, you can receive a new card, Koins, Premium Soul Koins, or Upgrades to your abilities. The rewards increase the longer you play, so play daily!

There are Daily Challenges for 9-15 Soul Koins a day, and you also receive the premium coins every time your account Levels up.

It’s also very important to use your account levels on your strongest cards, because ONLY YOUR ACTIVE TEAM WHEN YOU LEVEL UP WILL REGAIN ALL OF YOUR ENERGY. Plan this wisely and your uptime/farming will be much easier.

You can also have three teams total to swap from, the first time a game actually saves teams.

A lot of cards compliment other races, Martial Artist, Special Ops, Outworld, Netherrealm, and Kenshi can work in both Special Ops and Martial Artist, pay attention to these if you are struggling in fights, those passive abilities can really help you.

Power Draining does work when blocking, but at half of the effect.

Poison also does the same DAMAGE-OVER-TIME regardless if the opponent blocks, just like in other games.

Enjoy the video and if you have any questions, or video ideas, please run them my way! If you like the video, feel free to comment, like, subscribe, and help get the word out to your friends.

Here > Injustice Gods Among Us Hack