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Today will be a longer stream, to make up for not streaming yesterday, I have the day off and no plans. I will not be streaming past midnight unless the view count remains high since I have to work at 8am. But come hang out with us, if we break the 300k milestone I will switch to Android, but that is our priority. At 80 viewers we will attempt to progress in the Relic Hunt, so long as Inferno Scorpion, MK11 Scorpion, and Jade are available. It’s a Dark Magic Challenge with a Dark Raiden. So I’ll have to hope for a lucky Special 2 crit with Scorpion against Raiden.

I will be streaming daily, except where mentioned at this
I will be using offdays to prepare Youtube videos and try to schedule uploads. The Intro is subject to change

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Here > Injustice Gods Among Us Hack