StarTrek 25th Anniversary Video Game Playthrough Complete Golden Oldies

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StarTrek 25th Anniversary Playthrough Complete Golden Oldies

The player takes on the role of Captain James T. Kirk on board the USS Enterprise, a Starfleet vessel as seen in the American science fiction television series Star The Original Series. It is split into two main modes, a main bridge view, and a third-person mode whenever an away team is transported to a planet or space station.During several combat sequences the player controls the Enterprise in battle against enemies in space; originally required, Interplay later offered a patch making them optional.The controls on the bridge are split across the crew, with Montgomery Scott allowing access to the shield and power controls, Pavel Chekov controlling navigation, and Hikaru Sulu controlling the orbit of the ship, for example.
The away team always consists of Kirk, Spock and Leonard McCoy, as well as one of eight different redshirts, many of whom can die during the mission. The player interacts with these modes using a point and click interface via the mouse
The game was initially released in 1992 for the PC on a series of 3.5″ floppy disks, with a later release on CD-ROM adding improved sound effects and the voices of the actors from The Original Series. When the game was ported to the Amiga for a 1994 release, it was restricted to the Amiga 1200 model as the game required an installation on a hard drive. It became available on a DOS emulator via in January 2021.

Following a deal with CBS,[9] Star 25th Anniversary was subsequently re-released on the distribution network with, additional German and French subtitles, on 7 May 2021 alongside Star Judgment Rites and Star Starfleet Academy for Microsoft Windows, macOS and Linux. Shortly after, Interplay Entertainment also re-released Star 25th Anniversary to the distribution network Steam, however, only for Microsoft Windows and without subtitles. Both sequels followed the game to Steam the day after, 8 May 2021, respectively

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StarTrek Playthrough 25 aniversario completo Old Oldies

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StarTrek 25th Anniversary Playthrough Complete Oldies Dourados

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StarTrek 25-årsdagen Playthrough Complete Golden Oldies

StarTrek 25th Anniversary Playthrough Complete Golden Oldies interplay gameplay guide

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