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If you didn’t understand how to use this Injustice Gods Among us Hack I will try to write a small guide here which will, hopefully help you to understand how to use it. First you have to get this Hack from the link which I provided. When you did that just open it up and select the device you are using to play Injustice Gods Among us. Now when that’s done just click on Connect to connect. Then enter the amount of resources you wish to get and just click on Start. Then what’s left to do is to sit back and wait for Injustice Gods Among us Hack to finish working.

I really appreciate it that you watched my video about Injustice Gods Among us Hack! TI hope I also helped you guys with this video like someone else helped me before. If you have any questions or anything, feel free to ask me anytime in the comments below. Since I’m really busy just make sure that you’ve watched the video till the end and carefully.

***** The Challenge is already finished, and will either be uploaded tonight, or tomorrow in the motel as I go on vacation at 6am tomorrow, depends how fast the video renders in Elgato tonight *****

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In this Mortal Kombat X Video, we show off the Raiden Challenge, which is available for another 15 days.

There are several things different about Mortal Kombat X Challenges compared to Injustice Gods Among Us and WWE Immortals.

1) Skipping Credits(Souls in the 5th battle) increases in value every 3 fights instead of 4.
2) You receive minor rewards every time you complete 1/3 of the challenge(4 Fights in Battles 1-4, 5 Fights in Battle 5)
3) This is the first game that uses premium currency to skip fights in the 5th battle, the first four are still Koins and about on par with the other two games.
4) Challenge wording with about the same modifiers, Regneration works just like Reptile’s XRay added effect, or like new Cyborg when tagged out, small numbers and a lot of them.
5) NO EXPERT OR NIGHTMARE difficulty, remember when Injustice had single tier challenges? Me too.
6) This is the first game that requires a certain class to complete challenges, not specific cards, in a sense it’s better since there are a ton of Martial Artists, and Spec Ops. Where it will get complicated is if they require NETHERREALM as a character to use, as there are only 3(Inferno Scorpion, Oni, and Quan Chi)

Elder God Raiden has 900 Damage, 900 Health, however only 100 Recoevery, and 300 Toughness, which makes him a glass cannon and hopefully the Toughness and Recovery are fixed to be comparable to Gold cards.

In the first challenge, only Bronze characters are allowed on your team. Cards start at Level 1 and gain a Level every fight to 12.

In the second challenge, only Silver and Bronze characters are allowed on your team. All Bronze cards start at Level 10, and go up to Level 21, in Fights 11 and 12, the middle card turns Silver and is Level 10 and 11.

In the third challenge, only Bronze or Silver cards are allowed on your team. Cards start at Level 5 Silver and work their way up to Level 16.

In the fourth challenge, one Spec Ops character must be on your team, meaning you could put in Bronze Trooper and 2 Level 50 Elite VII Gold cards if you wanted. Silver cards start at Level 9, and gain a level every fight to 20.

In the 5th challenge, a Martian Artist card must be on your team. The Silver Cards gain a Level every fight from 10-24, and the Gold card starts at Level 10, going up one level almost every fight except 8, Fights 5 and 6 have 2 Gold Cards. Fight 7 only has a single Gold card. Fight 9 the Gold cards are 18 and 21. Fight 10 the Gold Cards are 19 and 19, then going to 20 and 20 for Fight 11, 21 and 21 for Fight 12, in Fight 13 the Gold cards are 21 and 22. In Fight 14, 22 and 22, and Thunder God Raiden is Level 25 with 4,050 Damage, 9,720 Health.

Every Mortal Kombat X video will have the MUCH BETTER intro at the end of the video, since it’s epic.

Enjoy the video and if you have any questions, or video ideas, please run them my way! If you like the video, feel free to comment, like, subscribe, and help get the word out to your friends.

Here > Injustice Gods Among Us Hack