The Story of Epic Games How a Game Engine Conquered The Video Game Industry

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Hey whats up everybody, long time no see! I am back with another business documentary. I think this is my 10th video like this? Anyways, in this video I cover Epic Games. Epic games started out as a small computer consultation business (Potomac Computer Systems) that transitioned into a small video game development company, and eventually became a multi-billion dollar enterprise that is a titan of the video game industry.

This video is largely a documentary about Tim Sweeney and his path towards becoming a billionaire through the programming of Unreal Engine. I really enjoyed making this documentary and it felt good to be back making videos. Also, I liked making this one specifically because Tim Sweeney’s path to success had a couple years of failure and was more of a slow growth for nearly a decade before his company exploded.

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Here > Injustice Gods Among Us Hack