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We’ve demonstrated the idea of Regime Nightwing taking no basic damage before ( more in fun and without commentary.

But seeing that a number of people commented on how this seems overpowered, we wanted to point out that it isn’t.

Sure, in the one particular situation — offline, against a single opponent, using a silver card to mash a boss character is pretty spectacular, as we show in this video, where we use Nightwing to solo all but the first two fights in the ladder just before BB8.

But in MP play, power generation favours the attacker, not the attackee (?), and any other teammates will be generating power and can tag in to deal a lot of damage.

In any situation where there are other teammates, DOT can be rinsed (which is a reminder why Arkham Knight Catwoman can be pretty spectacular), so you’re often not getting full value for the 10% damage of time being dealt.

Add the fact that you need only have one slot remaining to generate more offense, and you’ve got a load out that just makes the fight drag on.

Except in this one very specific situation.

Here > Injustice Gods Among Us Hack